The recent introduction of powerful new treatment regimens means that the full elimination of hepatitis C virus (HCV) at the population level is now theoretically feasible. In practice, the challenges associated with the goal of HCV elimination are considerable. There is a clear need for European countries to intensify their responses to HCV, but evidence to guide this work is limited. Furthermore, some European countries are already struggling to summon adequate financial and human resources to maintain their health systems and respond to the HIV epidemic, for example, and the prospect of initiating costly large-scale treatment campaigns for people who have HCV or HCV/HIV co-infection is daunting.

Following the success of the European Initiative Hepatitis C and Drug Use’s journal supplement “Viral Hepatitis and Drug Use in Europe", the Correlation Network is seeking original research articles on biomedical and public health aspects of HCV and drug use in Europe for publication in the open-access peer-reviewed journal Hepatology, Medicine and Policy (HMAP).

Article processing fees will be waived for three (3) articles. The submission deadline is 1 April 2016. Article proposals are welcome in advance, as are pre-submission queries.

Pre-submission editing by professional medical editors will be available at no charge to a limited number of authors who request this service from the Correlation Network.

Submissions addressing the following topics are particularly encouraged:

  • Epidemiology (HCV mono-infection in PWID and HCV/HIV co-infection)
  • HCV testing and linkage to care for drug users
  • Clinical management of HCV among drug users in the European context
  • Decision-making about when to initiate antiviral treatment for HCV-infected PWID
  • Cost-effectiveness analyses
  • HCV treatment outcomes, including reinfection following sustained viral response
  • Synergies between HIV prevention and treatment interventions and viral hepatitis prevention and treatment interventions among PWID
  • National and regional viral hepatitis policy initiatives including plans and strategies as they do or do not address drug users
  • Community engagement in HCV prevention, treatment and care, focusing on PWID

For more information about the HMAP submission process, please see the journal’s website. Authors submitting prospective articles should make reference to this call for submissions in their cover letters.

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