On 13 December 2015, our region lost one of the most ardent activists of harm reduction programs, the leader of an organization of sex workers and the community of people who use drugs and a friend who inspired others. Lena Tsukerman died suddenly of heart failure at the age of 44.

Image courtesy of EHRN

We knew Lena as a harm reduction activist since 2004. She helped develop information and communications at the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Drop In Center and filled the online newspaper Motilek (motilek.com.ua) with interesting materials.

Since 2011, Elena devoted her strength and vitality to developing the Ukrainian organization of sex workers and helping ensure the establishment and operations of the charitable organization "The All-Ukrainian League LEGALIFE".

It was a great honor for EHRN to elect Lena Tsukerman to the Steering Committee for the sub-region Belarus-Ukraine-Moldova. Her understanding of the needs of people who use drugs and her expertise in the development of harm reduction programs were invaluable to our network.

Elena’s death is a shock for our team. Our region lost an individual whose example inspired others and whose advocacy efforts truly changed the world for the better.

 We mourn and sincerely condole with Lena’s family and friends.

EHRN team

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