On 30th September, the First National Conference on Drug Policies organised by HOPS - Healthy Options Project was held in Skopje.

Besides domestic experts, parliamentarians, representatives of political parties, speakers of the conference included: Jindrih Voboril, the National Anti-Drug Coordinator of the Czech Republic, Jaka Bitenc of the Cannabis Social Club Slovenia and Ivan Varentcov from the Andrey Rylkov Foundation, Russia.

The conference aimed to create a space for reflection, debate and analysis of the existing drug policy in Macedonia and the impact that it has on the health system, social policy, the economy, security, but primarily on the lives of our citizens. Because only a policy that is constantly reviewed and supplemented in accordance with existing good practices can be successful.

The conference therefore aimed to stimulate debate on issues critical to the success of solving the problems associated with drug use in the country. Resolving these issues requires cooperation at all levels among the legislative, judicial and executive power and civil society. 

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