Civil society groups are receiving technical assistance paid for by the Global Fund to help focus the concept note on prevention activities targeting key populations.

Representatives from 15 Tajik civil society groups on 6 August presented a series of recommendations on how to ensure key populations are the focus of HIV prevention activities to the country coordination mechanism (CCM), as it prepares its concept note submissions to the Global Fund.

Tajikistan has been allocated some $52.2 million under the new funding model (NFM) to support the execution of the national strategic plan for HIV and TB; the funds are divided almost equally between the two diseases.

The civil society recommendations to the CCM emerged from a meeting organized by the Eastern Europe and Central Asia Union of People Living with HIV (ECUO) at the end of June. The meeting was funded as part of the technical assistance being provided to countries by the Global Fund as they move through the NFM process, which began in Tajikistan in late 2013.

A draft NSP to guide the Tajik HIV response from 2015-2017 has been circulating since June, when it was first presented in a national forum to government and non-governmental stakeholders including civil society.

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