On the 29th and 30th of August 2013 a committee of academics, politicians and civil society (NGOs, USAID, UNODC, e.g.) took part at the 2-days-long 11th National Conference on Drugs Policy in Buenos Aires, sponsored by the National Senate, the Ichan School of Medicine of U.S.A. and the Open Society Foundation and inaugurated by the Argentinean Ministry of Education, Mr. Alberto Sileoni.

Started in 2003, the Conference has become a platform for discussion and improvements. The aims of the 11th edition are starting a social debate to promote non-punitive polices that are scientifically based and try to respond to several kind of problem associated with drugs; and generating a national exchange between academics and politicians in order to have updated information about policies, interventions, consumption and problems related to drugs.

In this Conference 15 proposals have been discussed with the purpose to formulate a better legislation for the country. Mr. Julio Calzada Mazzei, the General Secretary National Drug Board of Uruguay, participated to this Conference supporting the 15 points and explaining the new Uruguayan law about marijuana legalisation in his country.

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