While the public debate on drug control and regulation of marijuana in Mexico City continues to grow, particularly following the Forum organized by the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District, citizens now expect concrete proposals from legislators.

However, as we await these proposals, reality does not stop and all types of substances, legal or illegal, continue to be used in our society as the lack of institutional resources for drug users increases.

To address this issue, CuPIHD conducted a workshop on risk and harm reduction, with a focus on the chemical analysis of substances. The workshop was supported by the Human Rights Commission of the Federal District and facilitated by the Catalan organization, EnergyControl, which has been a pioneer of these strategies in Europe and throughout the world.

The workshop began with an explanation of the European experience in drug use, but also touched on our own reality, recognizing that, regardless of the moral and legal positions, drugs are consumed and there is a need to act to reduce the risks and harms that consumption can cause in our societies.

The intention of the workshop was not to reduce consumption in and of itself, but rather to inform users, primarily those who use in party environments, on the quality of the drugs and the best strategies to reduce their risks and harms. The goal of conducting chemical analysis is to detect the level of adulteration of illegal substances and thus open a space for dialogue and information with other users with the sole purpose of protecting their health and that of the surrounding community.

For over 15 years, EnergyControl has focused on this issue and realized that 95% of users who use this service, tend to moderate and control their consumption due to reliable and useful information, rather than the judgment which often occurs. By informing and encouraging responsible consumption, rather than the usual repressive policy, users begin to reduce the potential risks and harms.

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