The Global Drug Policy and Latin America Programs at Open Society Foundations invite applications to the Latin American Advocacy Fellowship Program on Drug Policy Reform. Fellows will be hosted in drug policy organizations in Amsterdam (Transnational Institute) or in New York (Harm Reduction Coalition).

This program supports those working in sectors related to drug policy in order to improve their advocacy skills and enhance their ability to deal with the media when addressing drug policy issues. It thus seeks to add to the core group of existing high-profile drug policy activists in the Latin American region, including persons not necessarily working full-time on drug issues. 

The objectives of the fellowship are for the participants to:

  • Increase their knowledge of global drug policy reform issues with a focus on Latin America;

  • Increase their understanding of the international drug control system and system incoherence within the UN;

  • Have a greater awareness of the drug policy reform movement and in particular the key players within that movement;

  • Establish connections with those working in drug policy;

  • Build and develop their communications skills, including for media interviews, press releases, press databases, public speaking;

  • Have an understanding of the tools for debate, so that they can confidently challenge anti-reform positions.

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