Almost 40 years old, New Zealand’s drug laws were never designed to deal with the flood of synthetic drugs were are now seeing. Because of this, these substances are largely unregulated. Unlike food or medicine, or anything else you put into your body, these drugs can be sold without people knowing what is in them, or what the risks of taking them are. There are also no restrictions on where they can be sold, who can sell them or who can buy them.

The Psychoactive Substances Bill is an important piece of legislation which clarifies the legal status of ‘legal highs’ and synthetic drugs in New Zealand. It is aimed at regulating the currently unregulated market for these products and has a health and harm reduction focus. The bill is currently before the Health Select Committee and there is a shortened time for having your say on the bill, with all submissions due by 1 May. This page will inform you about the bill and help you complete a submission.

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