With a large and attentive audience, the launch of Intercambios’ new publication took place, “Working practices on drugs. From action to reflection … and back”, by Paula Goltzman and Eva Amorín. The appointment was at the Classroom Meyer Dubrovsky, Cultural Center of Cooperation “Floreal Gorini” in the City of Buenos Aires, and had the participations of Ignacio O ‘Donnell, Undersecretary of Prevention and Assistance SEDRONAR, Graciela Zaldúa, Consultant Professor of the University of Buenos Aires, and Aldana Herrera Director of Children and Youth Policies of the Municipality of Morón. They discussed the publication to the audience, to then give way to the words of the authors Paula Goltzman and Eva Amorín.

Edited by Intercambios with the support of the Levi Strauss Foundation, this publication retrieves working strategies used by different teams that address problematic drug use; in order to lead from the action to its reflection, and from there, as social praxis, go back to an action transformed by reflection.

Read here the full article.

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