This song was made by a group of drugs users who form a Participatory Video Program that utilizes video as a social and community based tool for individual and group development. It is a group-based activity that revolves around the needs of the participants. It is based in Tanzania. The project is funded by Medecins du Monde and managed by Openair Media Communications.

Name: It is possible

Verse 1 (Merali)

  • Drugs the cause for abandonment  (left alone)
  • I was sick of fever, thinking that,  I have been witched
  • But my expectation was wrong
  • Sharing the same syringe, spreading the virus.
  • Let not boast, for treatment that we are given
  • Let find the cause, so that we completely stop the disease


Tanzania without HIV is possible!

To reduce the risks associated from drug use is possible!


Verse 2 (man dili)

  • Let pay attention on this issue
  • Even parliament should discuss it
  • The nation’s assets(active people are dying) is being destroyed
  • Youth, we are getting nowhere (getting in the hole)
  • Because of this HIV
  • Youth, we are in danger
  • There is a lot of risks associated from using drug
  • Sometime the lever, sometime the lung
  • Without Heroine in my head
  • Health wise normally I don’t care
  • Government-prepare the institutions
  • To assist in this situation
  • Without HIV it is possible
  • Reducing the risks associated from drugs is possible
  • This one can’t fail

Chorus (same)

Masha and man dili

  • Sharing the syringe
  • I don’t like
  • But I just found myself doing
    • Cheated by being a youth
    • We buried fellows
    • Because of exchanging the syringe
    • Better to use it in a safe way
    • To avoid spreading to each other
    • Mdm what you are doing
    • I just see it superb
    • Ignorance is not good
    • Not only for sexual intercourse
    • I just see that we lov each other
    • One syringe we share
    • Without knowing
    • Our health status

(Man dili)

  • Let not take it easy
  • Especially female drug users
  • Don’t do bribe sexually
  • Just to get the drugs
  • Believe that we will win this battle
  • If we don’t share the syringes
  • Blood born disease, the main one
  • We will escape HIV

Chorus  (same)

Last verse (Banza)

  • Truly! We need the services that MdM is providing
  • Government shall allow such institutions to operate  
  • We ask the government to provided employment to the youth

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