Award-winning writer/director Victoria Midwinter Pitt intends to deliver a 25-minute documentary for the internet with the production values and integrity of her previous broadcast films. She will bring together a high-profile cast of eight of the world’s leading frontline drug-law enforcers who all state the 50-year global War on Drugs has failed. The documentary questions why governments refuse to properly address this issue and consider alternatives. The intention of the film is to take this polarising issue, which continues to mount in terms of human and social costs, into the mainstream to force much-needed debate. The challenge of this project is to step way beyond preaching to the converted: in focusing solely on the law enforcers we’ll present a perspective that cannot be ignored, and that has a real chance of shifting the thinking of a great mass of people.

Busted: You have the right NOT to remain silent  will be made and marketed with the specific aim of going viral world wide and reaching an audience of many tens of millions of people. An intereactive website will give that audience the chance to communicate directly with their governments and demand serious, formal reconsideration of the drug laws.

The director is looking for the support of credible, established organisations throughout the world for the project. They are also intending that this support should ultimately be mutual and that the film and its accompanying website, will connect a new mass of people to the websites and the campaigns of those organisations.

By way of introduction to the film-maker, and for a good taste of the kind of complex difficult story we can bring to a mass audience, you may want to watch the film Rampant: How a city stopped a plague.

Starting on 12th December 2012, a fundraising campaign will be launched by the director within the Australian Pozible website. More information will be available soon.

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