As part of the work that Espolea does on harm reduction, clear and objective information has always been a priority because we constantly perceive, for various reasons and in different scenarios, a real need to fill those gaps that hinder a full view on the subject of drugs and its incredible vastness and diversity. For this reason we have developed a map as a teaching tool for navigation between the different types of psychoactive substances and their effects in a fast, clear and friendly manner. The information empowers you to make conscious and responsible decisions about your body, mind and environment. Here is a glimpse of the vast Universe of Drugs.

This map does not pretend to encompass all existing substances but helps give a good idea of the most commonly used and how they correlate among them as the arrangement and distribution of each substance in the graph corresponds to its purpose, intensity and power in proportion to the other substances in each group. Having this frame of reference about the potency and the effects of different substances as a tool available to any interested person can help them make better informed decisions and have better references, walking in the dark always carries greater risks. Learn and share!

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