The Canadian Harm Reduction Network’s dynamic new website has been launched, and we invite you to check it out, to get involved, to give feedback and to join the Network.

The website was developed in response to members’ feedback and was made possible by a grant from the MAC AIDS fund.

Right from the home page, you can access recent news and research articles, upcoming events, campaigns and social media feeds, along with a visual record of community rallies and events.

Our Blog invites you to participate in informed conversations about critical issues.

There is a curated creative section with opportunities to read and publish stories and poems and view and display art and videos.

The website has expanded its library to well over a thousand items and maximised its search capabilities, and it retains its extensive list of links. As well, you will be able to enter your job calls, announce your events, and also to post your own resume as you look for employment in harm reduction.

Besides containing a raft of useful information, the website also offers opportunities to mobilise about specific concerns and events and for assistance in advocacy.

The Canadian Harm Reduction Network manages an extensive mailing list of over 44,000 individual addresses. We have installed a new mailing program - thanks to MAC - which makes mailings faster and easier. We do most of our email blasts without charge, but we are open to commercial mailings which are in keeping with the vision of the Network.

In the near future, the Canadian Harm Reduction Network expects to engage in several research projects, including, "Surfacing the Knowledge of Front-Line Harm Reduction Outreach Workers", for which we are actively seeking funding. This project will complement "Learning From Each Other: Enhancing Community-Based Harm Reduction Programs and Practices in Canada" research we did together with the Canadian AIDS Society.

The Canadian Harm Reduction Network is Canada’s only national organisation dedicated to promoting harm reduction. Your membership is important to us - and to all Canadians - especially in the face of recent attempts to undermine the validity of harm reduction, despite the evidence of its effectiveness.

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