As a part of the follow-up action to the AHRN's 2012-2016 adopted strategic plan and its new federation model, we are pleased to announce that Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN) will now be known as AHRN Federation. The federation membership will consist the national/sub-national harm reduction networks and key focal organizations. The following represents the first batch of federation partner members along with each of their respective representatives (functionaries or authorized constituents) as stated:

Partner Members:

  1. IHRN (Indian Harm Reduction Network) - India: Representative to AHRN Federation - Luke Samson, President
  2. JANGKAR (Indonesian Harm Reduction Network) - Indonesia: Representative to AHRN Federation - Sahrul Syah, General Secretary
  3. 12 D (Thai Civil Society Group on drugs, HIV & harm reduction): Representative to AHRN Federation - Veeraphan Ngammee, Coordinator
  4. NEIHRN (Northeast India harm Reduction Network) - Northeast India: Representative to AHRN Federation - Chenithung Humtsoe, President
  5. NHRA  (Nepal Harm Reduction Alliance) - Nepal: Representative to AHRN Federation - Anan Pun, Executive Member
  6. YHRN (Yundi Harm Reduction Network) - Southwest China: Representative to AHRN Federation - Lou Zhi, Coordinator
  7. ANPUD (Asian Network of People Who use Drugs): Representative to AHRN Federation - Jimmy Dorabjee, Chairman
  8. Korsang - Cambodia: Representative to AHRN Federation - Taing Phoeuk, President
  9. Malaysian AIDS Council - Malaysia: Representative to AHRN Federation - Mohd Datuk Zaman Khan, President
  10. AHRN/Myanmar - Myanmar: Representative to AHRN Federation - Willy De Maere, Country Coordinator

Subsequently, the above-mentioned nine (9) member representatives will act as the first federation steering committee to oversee and guide the overall AHRN Federation functions and while achieving its strategic goals.

Besides its partner members, AHRN Federation will also have strategic partners, particularly, those working in the region on HIV/AIDS, drugs, drug use and harm reduction - laws, policies and practices. This strategic partnership will generate synergy to catalyze the overall national/regional response to drugs and HIV issues.

With federation steering committee in place, an election for the chairmanship was held through e-voting process and it is our privilege indeed to announceMr. Luke Samson, President, Indian Harm Reduction Network as Chair and Tan Sri Mohd Datuk Zaman, President, Malaysian AIDS Council as Co-chair, who were unanimously voted to the respective posts on March 2, 2012 with immediate effect from March 5, 2012.

Our next step is to convert the national and regional plans into real actions by acquiring adequate resources and thus contribute substantially in achieving the national, regional and global goals on drugs and HIV.

With your valuable supports we hope to advance the strides towards our vision of Asia-Pacific region, where human rights of people who use drugs are fully respected and enabled them to complete access to opportunities to realize potential as human beings.

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