The purpose of International Doctors for Healthy Drug Policies (IDHDP) is to increase the participation of medical doctors in drug policy reform.

There is a gap between evidence based practice and drug policy in many countries and IDHDP aims to influence changes in drug policy to promote harm reduction and create healthy drug policies internationally.

IDHDP believes that doctors are in a strong position to help to achieve this. IDHDP also offers support to doctors in their home countries or regions by having core objectives/position statements, which promote harm reduction and healthy drug policies.

If you are a doctor, and agree with IDHDP's mission and objectives, please become a member by completing the membership form on the IDHDP website and add the issues that you would like to be addressed by IDHDP.

IDHDP also has a members’ e-list to share ideas and practice.

Join the voice of international doctors working for healthy drug policies and harm reduction!