The first international course 'A new focus for drug law enforcement' directed at police officers, took place on 6 to 8 September 2010 in Lima, Peru. The course was organised by the Centro de Investigacion 'Drogas y Derechos Humanos' (CIDDH), the National Police in Peru (PNP) and IDPC.

The course was well attended, with over 80 participants from the police and various State institutions. It was divided into 13 sessions that consisted of presentations, questions, comments from the participants and responses to their preoccupations, and focused on harm reduction, human rights, and a cost-benefit analysis of law enforcement.

This course constitutes an important step for the PNP, an institution known to be highly hierarchical, and we hope that, despite the infrastructural and logistical limitations of the Peruvian police, we will be able to organise a second course in 2011.

Click here to access more information on the course, documentation on law enforcement and photos from the event (in Spanish).