Transform Drug Policy Foundation will launch their internationally groundbreaking book ‘After the War on Drugs: Blueprint for Regulation’ on 12th November 2009 at 11.15am, at the House of Commons, London and at 11.00am at the DPA Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The book is also being launched in mainland Europe, South America, Australasia and Asia.

There is a growing recognition around the world that the prohibition of drugs is a counterproductive failure. However, a major barrier to drug law reform has been a widespread fear of the unknown – just what could a post-prohibition regime look like?

For the first time, ‘Blueprint’ answers that question by proposing specific models of regulation for each main type and preparation of prohibited drug, coupled with the principles and rationale for doing so.

Transform demonstrate that moving to the legal regulation of drugs is not an unthinkable, politically impossible step in the dark, but a sensible, pragmatic approach to control drug production, supply and use.

The House of Commons event will include short presentations by Steve Rolles (author of the publication), Dr Ben Goldacre (‘Bad Science’ columnist for the Guardian) and Professor Rod Morgan (Former Chair of the UK Youth Justice Board) followed by a question and answer session and a light lunch.

The Albuquerque launch has a panel including Danny Kushlick (Transform), Sanho Tree (Institute for Policy Studies) and US Rep. Roger Goodman.

If you would like to attend either the House of Commons or Albuquerque events, please contact Jane Slater on +44 (0) 117 941 5810 or email