In the past few years, IDPC has produced more than a hundred publications. This page aims to highlight some of IDPC's key publications, in a thematic way. This month, IDPC would like to highlight two key publications:

IDPC Drug Policy Guide

The IDPC Drug Policy Guide forms the basis of IDPC's advocacy work. It brings together global evidence and examples of best practice to provide guidance to policy makers on the review, design and implementation of drug policies. The Guide is designed to assist governments in the process of developing effective, humane and appropriate drug policies based on international evidence. The Guide is available in 6 languages.

IDPC Drug Policy Advocacy Training Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed by IDPC and the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network to build the capacity of civil society organisations for engaging with, and influencing, drug policy making processes. It can be used by anybody wishing to deliver trainings and workshops on drug policy advocacy, and is intended as a comprehensive menu of activities and content from which facilitators can pick and choose those that best suit the context, audience and timeframe of the training.

For a full list of IDPC publications, please click here.