Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network (ZCLDN)


The Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network [ZCLDN], established in 2011, is a registered national initiative working in Zimbabwe with the mission to advocate for the effective strategies for addressing problems associated with drug use in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. The organisation works with the mission to promote and develop humane drug policies that are based on tolerance, promotion of health, human rights and dignity.

It is a knowledge based centre of expertise on harm reduction and addiction. It works to establish workable policies that are grounded in science, public health and human rights in order to help minimise the harms associated with drug use.

We provide numerous services to support the daily work of policy makers and professionals in the mental health and addiction fields for their clients as well as for the general public. We make available a full range of information obtained through research on mental illness, addiction, recreational drugs and alcohol. We also advice government on workable policies on drug use.

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