West Africa Drug Policy Network (WADPN)

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WADPN is a coalition of over 600 civil society organisations in 17 West African countries with a goal of promoting evidence-based drug policy reform in the region. The organisation works by advocating and building the capacity of local CSOs to address the impact of drug markets on democracy, governance, human security, human rights and public health.

The objectives of the network are to:
- Increase knowledge and confidence of CSOs to advocate on drug control efforts, and to sensitize CSOs on the impact of drug trafficking on governance, democracy, human right, security, health and development
- Mapping of CSOs within the member states and development of a comprehensive database for CSOs
- Ensure ownership and continuous advocacy for the outcome of the West Africa Commission on Drugs report for further CSO engagement and actions
- Equip the CSOs with skills and resources for advocacy – including capacity building with respect to networking, media relations and -fundraising
- Share with the CSOs best practices on drug control effort across the globe
- Build a sustainable regional drug policy network to foster partnerships, collaborations and the sharing of best practice and common challenges among CSOs.

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