Fédération Bruxelloise Francophone des Institutions pour Toxicomanes (FEDITO BXL)


The Brussels Federation of Institutions for Drug Addicts (FEDITO BXL) federates 25 institutions active in awareness, prevention, harm reduction, care and support relative to the consumptions of psychoactive substances and addictions.

Besides its expertise in the field of the use of legal and illegal drugs and addictions, the Brussels FEDITO is characterized by the diversity of its members. The federation consists of outpatient services, residential centers of crisis and treatment, information services for all public, inmates and professionals, syringe exchange programs and training organizations.
The FEDITO also relies on a network of private general doctors, a social-health house for low threshold (MASS) or still a rehabilitation project through sport, institutions specialized in dual diagnosis (drug use and psychiatric disorders), ... The list is not exhaustive but this variety of projects allows to understand the complex and evolving phenomenon of use of psychoactive substances and dependencies.

The FEDITO Brussels mission is to:
- impart and recognize the need and the existence of specific structures of prevention, assistance, care and harm reduction for drug users and those affected by addictions ;
- be a privileged interlocutor of public authorities and media in the development of health policy and research scientist in the field of drug addiction ;
- ensure the coordination and the dialogue of the member services and also with other actors concerned by the "phenomenon" drugs.

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