Sofia Galinaki

Western & South East Europe (Diogenis)

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Sofia Galinaki was born and raised in Pireaus, Greece, on January 13, 1987. She studied Psychology at Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (2004-2009) based in Athens. Also, she completed her postgraduate studies in United Kingdom at the Psychology Department of Sussex University and obtained a Master of Science (MSc) in “Health Psychology” (2009-2010). She has 8 years of professional experience as a psychologist, including teaching, research, clinical in public institutions and psychiatric clinics in general hospitals, with various scientific publications and presentations. Her specialised engagement in the area of drugs and drug policy started in 2013, when she began working at one of the biggest organisations -recognised by the state- the Hellenic Organization against Drugs (OKANA) under a two-year contract, to offer her professional services as a psychologist at the first supervised injection site ever operated in Greece, “ODYSSEAS”. Since April 2015, Sofia is working as an ‘Advocacy Officer’ at “DIOGENIS” Drug Policy Dialogue. In this context, she is responsible, among others, for the research project "Harm reduction in South East Europe" - an activity within the framework of the project “Strengthening NGO capacity and promoting public health and human rights oriented drug policy in South East Europe”. In addition Sofia coordinates the Greek NGO Platform for psychoactive substances in Greece, which currently consists of 6 non-governmental organisations actively working in the field of drugs and drug policy and has established strong contacts with all the member organisations of the Drug Policy Network South East Europe (DPNSEE). Miss Galinaki is a promising staff member of ‘DIOGENIS’, well informed in drug policy issues and all the latest developments in national, regional, European and international level.

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