Prévention Information et Lutte contre le Sida (PILS)


PILS is an organisation working in the HIV response in Mauritius, and was founded in 1996. Its goal is to provide a support structure for people living with HIV in Mauritius, through an intense and dynamic advocacy, which, over time, has gained national and international recognition. Since 2012, PILS is the PR of the Global Fund for the Fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and since 2013, member of Coalition PLUS.

Our Mission: To represent, mobilise and strengthen civil society organisations and key affected communities in the Republic of Mauritius in advocating for political commitment and effective HIV and AIDS response in a supportive environment at the national, regional and global levels.
We strengthen and upscale civil society participation in HIV prevention by increasing provision of services to key affected populations, while continuing our efforts to raise awareness to the general public to achieve Getting to Zero global strategy, i.e. zero new infections, zero AIDS related deaths and zero discrimination. We will ensure increased quality of life and health of those who are infected and affected by HIV. We work in partnership with government, non-government agencies, development agencies, private sector, international organisations, faith based organisations, the media and community based networks to galvanise support and ensure adequate resources are mobilised to support our vision.

Our Vision: A society free from the harmful impact of HIV and AIDS. We believe this will be achieved through a response led by civil society at the national and regional levels; a response grounded in community approaches and built on the foundation of upholding basic human rights; while focusing on empowering and conferring ownership of the response to key populations at higher risk of HIV.

Our Goals :
1. Strengthen PILS and position the organization as a major player in the national and regional response
2. Reduce vulnerabilities related to HIV, STIs and hepatitis by increasing access to integrated care
3. Promote greater involvement of key populations and meaningful engagement of civil society
4. Promote a rights-based approach and creating an enabling environment

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