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NoBox Philippines exists because we realize: things can be better. That it is possible to live in a society that upholds the dignity of the person and helps them realize their full potential. It is our mission to bring humanity back.

The social, cultural, economic, and political context greatly impacts the way people experience drugs: today, they manifest in the stigmatization, discrimination, and dehumanization of these individuals. NoBox wants to change this environment and we realize to achieve something new, we must do something new.

NoBox is making use of creative and unconventional channels to engage the whole range of the population, from those whose hearts are already with us, to those waiting for a new point of view. We are changing the conversation about drugs into an honest one. We are giving the space for people to finally be able to share their stories. We are giving a voice to the unheard. We are, in everything that we do, emphasizing and celebrating what is a shared human experience.

NoBox is advocating for drug policy reform, raising awareness on the nature and impact laws and policies have not just on use, but also on the many aspects of life. We embrace the philosophy of harm reduction, pushing for and providing responses as multi-faceted as the people needing them and as complex as the problems they are responding to.

We are individuals whose professional and personal experiences gave us the lens to understand that the human experience of drugs is not a binary one but a whole range of unique experiences — as are the people behind them. The lives behind these experiences, just like any other person’s, are deserving of respect and compassion. The laws and policies should treat us with no less.

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