Marie Nougier

Head of Research and Communications

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Since 2008, Marie Nougier has been responsible for the communications and publications work stream of IDPC, and also engages in networking, civil society capacity building activities, and policy advocacy engagement, in particular at the Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Marie is also supporting IDPC’s activities in Latin America, where she helps coordinate a project to reduce the incarceration rate of women for drug offences. Marie is also a member of the Core Group of the EU Civil Society Forum on Drugs. Her language skills in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese have constituted a valuable asset for the development of a multilingual centre of expertise at IDPC. Marie has a Masters’ Degree in international law, human rights and the law of armed conflicts. Before working at IDPC, she worked on issues related to compulsory drug detention in South East Asia at the World Health Organisation, as well as immigration, racism and police brutality in Western Europe at Amnesty International.

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