Intercambios Puerto Rico


Intercambios Puerto Rico is a nonprofit community-based organization that promotes the social integration of marginalized groups, including drug users, homeless, and sex workers. We work from a scientific perspective of harm reduction through service provision, education, advocacy, and research. We envision a Puerto Rico where marginalized populations have access to all opportunities for individual and collective development that makes it possible for them to attain a decent life and contribute to society.

Our syringe exchange program (SEP) provide services to over 630 injecting drug users annually in 15 communities across the eastern section of the island. Descriminalizació, our drug policy change campaign, seeks alternatives to the criminalization of drugs in Puerto Rico. Understanding that the “war on drugs” has failed and that it affects our communities, we seek to stimulate dialogue, critical analysis, and activism on the issues related to drug use, abuse and dependence.

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