Elementa, Consultoría en Derechos


Elementa, Consultoría en Derechos is an organisation funded in 2014 to provide consultancy and litigation with a focus on international and constitutional law in Colombia. We believe in the creative use of law as a tool for social change. The organisation is composed of people from different nationalities and professional interests, giving Elementa a broad regional vision. Human rights constitute the core of our four areas of work: drug policy and human rights, justice and reparation, society and human rights, gender and identities.

Elementa considers that the war on drugs has failed, generating a range of grave human rights violations in the past decades. Historically discriminated groups in Latin America have been particularly affected. Elementa works with other civil society groups and government institutions through academic investigation, juridical studies, advocacy and dialogue to develop a regional drug strategy grounded on human rights.

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