Citywide Drugs Crisis Campaign


Citywide is a national network of community activists and community organisations that are involved in responding to Ireland’s drugs problem. Citywide was set up in 1995 to bring together Dublin communities that were struggling with the heroin crisis; it now works nationally, linking communities across the country that are now dealing with a much broader range of problem drug use.

Citywide is actively engaged in promoting an interagency response to the drugs problem, supporting partnership between government departments/agencies and community and voluntary bodies in the NGO sector. Citywide supports local groups both in delivering drug services in their communities and in participating in partnership structures at local and regional level. We also work in partnership with the Drug User groups in Ireland to support their involvement at all levels of policy making.

Citywide acts as the representative body for the community sector in Ireland on national drug policy committees and plays a lead role in lobbying and campaigning on policy issues, with a particular focus on the clear and enduring link between Ireland’s drug problem and socio-economic disadvantage.

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