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From its inception by Amanda Feilding in 1998, the Beckley Foundation has had a dual purpose: To expand our understanding how psychoactive substances work in the brain, and to reform global drug policy.

The Scientific Programme designs, initiates, funds, and carries out research in collaboration with leading institutions, using the latest developments in neuroscience and brain imaging technology in order to explore how psychedelics act upon the human brain. The purpose of this research is to increase our scientific understanding of consciousness, and to explore new avenues for the treatment of diseases. When Amanda established the Beckley Foundation, she set up the Beckley Foundation Scientific Advisory Board with the leading international scientists on these topics, including Albert Hofmann, Alexander Shulgin, Colin Blakemore (later Chair of the Medical Research Council), David Nutt and Les Iversen (both later Chairs of the UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs), David Nichols, VS Ramachandran, and other notable scientists.

The Policy Programme was the first to start developing drug policy built on a scientific evidence base. The Programme brings together leading international scientists, politicians, and other experts to discuss the taboo issues around this complex subject, and to explore new regulatory models which would aim to protect health and reduce the disastrous collateral harms caused by the policies of prohibition.

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