Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD)


Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD) is a Palestinian non-profit and politically independent, non-governmental organization established in occupied Jerusalem on February 19, 2007, as an initiative by human rights defenders, lawyers, social activists and a group of Jerusalemite notables.

Al-Maqdese was established in response to the Israeli violations against Palestinians rights in occupied Jerusalem and the deprivation of social, political, economic, cultural and civil rights. MSD’s vision is for Palestinians to fully enjoy their political, social, economic, cultural and civil rights. MSD’s mission is to maintain the Palestinian demographic in Jerusalem, raise awareness about their rights, and monitor, document and disseminate information about Israeli rights violations.

Al-Maqdese for Society Development launched the (Al-Maqdese Awareness Center) through its partnership with the UNODC in 2010. The Center is the first of its kind, as it aims through its activities to reduce drug use and the spread of blood-borne and sexually transmitted diseases. The Center provides awareness services to the public in order to reduce stigma and discrimination, and delivers a program about sharing needles and syringes in order to raise awareness and reduce infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis B and C amongst drug users in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Over the past four years, the Center has provided many services in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, and has become the “go-to” address for individuals seeking help. In addition, the partnership between Al-Maqdese and the WHO, the UNDP, and the GFATM and the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which was formed to disseminate knowledge and experience and also train civil society organizations operating in the West Bank and Gaza, has evolved; mainly in the field of harm reduction.

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