Asociación Costarricense para el Estudio e Intervención en Drogas (ACEID)


ACEID is a nonprofit organisation formed by a group of professionals, artists and activists interested in drug policy reform in Costa Rica, based on a human rights approach.

Our purpose is to contribute to reducing stigma and discrimination against drug users, as well as the risks and harms associated with it.

It is for this reason that ACEID also aims to support, collaborate with, and encourage in solidarity efforts by individuals, public institutions, universities or civil society organizations to bring about social change in drug policy in Costa Rica and across Latin America.

Our main objectives are:

- Contribute to the reform and strengthening of public drug policies based on a human rights approach.

- Provide theoretical and practical contributions in order to reduce stigma and discrimination against drug users.

- promote the development of social research on the drug-related problems, in order to produce scientific evidence to support policy decisions and techniques.

- Promote the production, exchange and dissemination of information for harm and risk reduction associated with drug use and trafficking.

- Promoting changes in attitudes and the development of new skills of those who work directly with people affected by drugs.

- Encourage collaboration and partnership among institutions and other stakeholders.


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