TB/HIV Care Association (THCA)


TB/HIV Care Association (THCA) is a registered non-profit established in 1929 to support TB sufferers and their families. The organization is grounded in its values of professionalism, empowerment, appreciation and respect. THCA advocates for social justice and the promotion of health as a human right. The vision of the organization is to be a leader in empowering communities and defending the rights of marginalised populations, with a focus on TB and HIV.

Since 2012, THCA has focused on improving the rights and health of people who use drugs (PWUD). PWUD, who are identified as a key population in South Africa’s National Strategic Plan, are often excluded from society due to legal frameworks, discrimination and stigmatisation. These prejudices are deeply engrained in drug policy on a national and international level. This results in human rights abuses such as hate speech, unjust detention, violence, access to healthcare and harm reduction, denial of employment and violation of bodily integrity.

These all negatively influence the health and well-being of PWUD. We recognise that unless these punitive policies change, we will be unable to effectively deliver health services to the drug using population. As such, THCA is committed to advocating for sensible drug policies that do not place additional burdens on community members who use drugs. We recognise that this is an important health and human rights issue.

THCA has excellent organizational capacity and governance, with a proven track record with communities, funders and international and national organisations. THCA has an annual budget of over US$ 10 million.

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