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Metzineres welcomes all women and gender nonconforming people that feel alluded, devising and
adapting compassiona- te responses to their complex and changing realities, no matter how each one
manages drug use or experiences violences. Our innovatively daring grassroots intervention model,
unfolded in Environments of Shelter, sustained by community-based strategies anchored in human
rights and gender mainstreaming, addresses those women usually excluded from specialized services
either because they use drugs or as part of male chauvinist violence. In Metzineres, every women is
protagonist. Not pretending to enounce an exhaustive or all-inclusive list, Metzineres gives a holistic
tools to spcific vulnerable women: homelessness, young, olderly, functional diversity, migrant,
LGBTIQ+, sex workers and/or women doing survival sex, women in prison and those with physical and
men- tal health issues. We offer: sanitary services, housing, social work, social education, peer work lead
interventions, environment of productivity and creativity, activism and advocacy

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