Escola Superior da Defensoria Pública da Bahia (ESDEP)

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The Bahia School of Public Defense (Escola Superior da Defensoria Pública da Bahia – ESDEP) created its Criminal Justice Observatory (Observatório da Prática Penal) on May 2013. Its main goal is to collect, analyze, publish and discuss relevant data about how the Criminal Justice System works in Bahia (fourth most populous state in Brazil), starting with data from its capital and largest city, Salvador (third most populous in Brazil, largest in the northeast region).

The Observatory started publishing its bulletins and reports on February 2014, in Portuguese. Since then, it is receiving almost universal recognition for richness of its information and precision in methodology. In part this is due to the lack of other reliable data on these subjects, in Bahia in particular and in Brazil in general, with a few exceptions, that made these studies, meant to be published at least monthly to keep researchers, lawyers and the community constantly supplied with fresh information, an unique service, at least for now.

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