Episteme - Investigación e Intervención Social

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Episteme Social is constituted in Barcelona as an international group of scientific researchers specialized in evaluation and social intervention. Our team is formed by more than a dozen multidisciplinary professionals with extensive national and international experience, both in academia and in research and field work, in areas such as anthropology, social psychology, public health or psychiatry.

Episteme Social offers professional support in training, research, evaluation and social intervention in order to improve the implementation of social programs and projects through innovation in design, theoretical foundations and the development of evaluation instruments, supported by the scientific vanguard. We work with public administrations as well as with international private entities.

Our team's mission is to obtain reliable knowledge about the social reality in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of intervention and social action programs and projects. Generating and mastering a substantive and strategic knowledge provides scientific evidence, validity, reliability, and great methodological robustness to each of the actions of social intervention, undertaken by public agencies or private entities.

The theoretical bases of our project are supported by the critical and comprehensive currents of the Social Sciences. A deep knowledge of processes and collectives is essential to intervene and improve their living conditions and social cohesion. Understanding the historical evolution in the construction of social reality is essential if we want to understand and transform it. In this line, our work philosophy incorporates the gender perspective, discourse analysis, the study of hegemony-subalternity and normality-abnormality processes, community processes, stigmatization dynamics and the analysis of contextual factors.

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