Drug Policy and Harm Reduction Platform (DPHRP)


The DPHRP is enhancing the advocacy and lobbying on harms of the current drug laws in order to initiate drug policy reforms and harm reduction initiatives in Malawi.

These efforts have been through various interventions which are not limited to the following: -
• Mobilising and empowering PWUDs to take lead on drugs advocacy debate and issues.
• Voicing out on the plight of Inadequately Serviced Populations (ISPs) such as PWUDs and Sex workers on drugs issues.
• Conducting public awareness/sensitization campaigns
• Facilitating media advocacy and engagements
• Engaging communities on issues of human rights, stigma and discrimination
• Engaging law enforcement agencies on human rights promotion and treatment of PWUDs
• Conducting capacity building trainings and knowledge sharing for/with PWUDs.
• Participating in national, regional and global campaigns

These interventions have helped in the following ways: -
 Increasing awareness on the need for drug policy reforms
 In improving understanding on drug policy reforms
 Active stakeholder’s involvement in the dialogue towards drug policy reforms
 Facilitating visibility and active participation of PWUDs and other ISPs i.e. Female sex workers.

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