Acción Técnica Social (ATS)


Since its creation in 2008, the objective of the corporation ATS has been to include Colombia into the global debate on drug law reform, by taking actions based on practice, social mobilisation and civil society involvement. In order to do so, ATS developed a strategy to transfer and contextualise methodologies and worldwide experiences into the design of new approaches, including risk and harm reduction, policy advocacy, drug law reform, the protection of users’ rights, peer outreach, arts, graphic design, alternative communication, social media and outreach work for most-at-risk populations.

Today, ATS has managed to place Colombia at the centre of international drug policy debates. The organisation is composed of a group of professionals, that combines technical expertise, the motivation created by young people, and work based on empirical evidence and the expertise or external advisors who have worked on drug policy issues for the past 20 to 30 years. People who use drugs constitute the main ally to advance and contribute to drug policy reform.

ATS offers drug checking services, conducts research, seeks to protect users’ rights, works towards reforming laws and public policies, creates alliances and international networks, manages available knowledge, and leads in alternative communication.,,

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