The full version of the IDPC Drug Policy Guide is available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian and Portuguese here.

Abbreviations and acronyms

Chapter 1 – Core principles

  1. A structured approach to strategy development and review
  2. Ensuring compliance with fundamental rights and freedoms
  3. Focusing on the harms associated with drug markets and use
  4. Promoting the social inclusion of marginalised groups
  5. Building open and constructive relationships with civil society

Chapter 2 – Criminal justice

  1. Drug law reform
  2. Effective drug law enforcement
  3. Reducing incarceration
  4. Effective drug interventions in prisons

Chapter 3 – Health and social programmes

  1. Drug prevention
  2. Harm reduction
  3. Treatment for drug dependence

Chapter 4 – Strengthening communities

  1. Controlled drugs and development
  2. Reducing drug market violence
  3. Promoting alternative livelihoods
  4. Protecting the rights of indigenous people