The promotion of effective and evidence-based approaches to drug policy, based on human rights, public health and social inclusion is central to our policy and advocacy work. We facilitate this work in two main ways:

  • We provide channels for grassroots organisations to better engage with policy making processes: we facilitate communication and cooperation between civil society stakeholders, and we produce and disseminate information and materials on more effective and humane drug policies, that national and local NGOs can use in their own work. In order to facilitate civil society engagement, we organise our work regionally.
  • We draw on the knowledge within our network to offer expert advice and consultancy services to policy makers on how best to review their drug policies at the national and international level. The IDPC network includes many individuals who have experience of creating or reviewing government drug policies and strategies, and these individuals are available to engage in high-level discussions with policy makers.

Read the IDPC Drug Policy Guide for advice and guidance on best practice regarding drug policy.