All applicants for IDPC membership agree to abide by the following obligations as a condition of their application and, if successful, throughout their period of membership. All existing IDPC members agree to abide by the following obligations. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership.

  • Not to bring IDPC Consortium, the IDPC network, the IDPC name and brand, or any individual IDPC member into disrepute.
  • To only use the IDPC name and brand with the explicit agreement of the IDPC Secretariat.
  • To respect the ownership and control of the IDPC name and brand by IDPC Consortium.
  • To abide by the IDPC Policy Principles.
  • To comply with the relevant membership system and procedures.
  • To notify the IDPC Secretariat of any relevant changes to its name, organisation, governance arrangements and activities.
  • To disseminate the open access information received from the IDPC Secretariat to the relevant stakeholders with whom it is in contact.