IDPC partner members play an active role in the work of IDPC. This level of membership has stronger criteria than network membership including clear expectations in terms of involvement in our work plan, efficient communication and contribution to our advocacy.

Use the map to view IDPC partner members by region.


International Network of People who Use Drugs (INPUD)

INPUD is a global network of people who use and have used drugs. INPUD has an evolving regional network structure and also strong ties with a number of national and local drug user organisations. A key role of the organisation is to support people who use drugs to access and take part in international policy processes.

Transnational Institute (TNI)

TNI is an international network of activist-scholars committed to critical analysis of the global problems of today and tomorrow, with a view to providing intellectual support to those movements concerned to steer the world in a democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable direction.

Youth R.I.S.E

Youth R.I.S.E is a youth-led international network established to reduce the risks and harms associated with substance use and drug policy amongst young people and provide a platform for young people to be engaged in the policies that affect their lives.

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South East Asia / Oceania

Alcohol and other Drugs Council of Australia (ADCA)

ADCA is the peak, national, non-government organisation representing the interests of the Australian alcohol and other drugs sector, providing a national voice for people working to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and other drugs.

Asian Harm Reduction Network (AHRN)

AHRN is a regional information and support network created to link and support the courageous people operating programmes providing assistance to injecting drug users in Asia to prevent HIV transmission.

New Zealand Drug Foundation

NZDF is committed to reducing and preventing the social and health harm caused by illicit and licit drugs in New Zealand.

Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group (TTAG)

TTAG is a leading community-based harm reduction policy advocacy organisation working nationally in Thailand, regionally in South East Asia, and globally with hundreds of active network contacts across the world

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South Asia

Society for Promotion of Youth & Masses (SPYM)

SPYM is a national NGO in India with a countrywide network working in the area of health and socio-economic development. SPYM provides technical support to NGOS and is a pioneering organisation in India for policy advocacy on drug intervention policies & program implementation.

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South East Europe

Diogenis, Drug Policy Dialogue in South East Europe

Diogenis is a Greek organisation that aims to promote objective and open dialogue at national, regional and international level for a coherent, consistent and effective drug policy.

South Eastern European Adriatic Addiction Treatment Network (SEEAN)

SEEAN is an informal organization of experts on addiction treatment and harm reduction from the countries all over South Eastern Europe and Adriatic coast.

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Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN)

EHRN supports, develops and advocates for harm reduction approaches in the field of drugs, HIV, public health and social exclusion by following the principles of humanism, tolerance, partnership and respect for human rights and freedoms.

Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)

HCLU is a human rights watchdog with the objective of building and strengthening civil society and rule of law in Hungary and the Central Eastern European region.

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Western Europe

The Beckley foundation

The Beckley Foundation is a charitable trust that promotes the scientific investigation of consciousness and its modulation from a multidisciplinary perspective. We also seek to change global drugs policy to reflect a more rational, evidence-based approach, shifting the emphasis from criminalisation to health.

Correlation European Network on Social Inclusion and Health

Correlation is a European network tackling marginalisation and social exclusion of various groups of people including drug users by improving their access to services.


DrugScope is the UK's leading independent centre of expertise on drugs. Their aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk.

Federation of European Professional Associations Working in the Field of Drug Abuse (ERIT)

ERIT’s key concerns continue to be in relation to drug-related deaths across Europe, reducing the level of new blood borne virus infections and concerns around the growing impact of psycho-stimulant use.

Forum Droghe

Forum Droghe is an association of organisations working in the drugs field in Italy.

Groupement Romand d'Etudes des Addictions (GREA)

GREA is a Swiss network which promotes its vision and effective action to deal with addiction problem and drugs.


Release is the UK centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law - providing free and confidential specialist advice to the public and professionals. Release also campaigns for changes to UK drug policy to bring about a fairer and more compassionate legal framework to manage drug use in our society.

Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Transform exists to promote sustainable health and wellbeing by bringing about a just, effective and humane system to regulate and control drugs at local, national and international levels.

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Caribbean Drug Abuse Research Institute (CDARI)

CDARI supports research into the public health risks of hidden populations that more traditional and conservative institutions might shy away from such as drug use.

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Latin America

Andean Information Network (AIN)

AIN promotes human rights and socioeconomic justice in Bolivia and more humane and effective illicit drug control policies.

Centro de Investigación Drogas y Derechos Humanos (CIDDH)

The “Drug Law Reform in South America” Project, based in Peru, is focused on the functioning of the State penal system in South American countries where controlled substances are produced, transformed, transported and consumed. In its first stage, the project centers on the law-designing process at the Congress and the functioning of the penitentiary system.  In the second stage, it is centered on the Police, the Public Ministry and the functioning of the Judiciary.

Colectivo por Una Politica Integral Hacia las Drogas (CUPIHD)

CUPIHD is the main reference point on drug issues in Mexico, seeking to strengthen engagement with the authorities and civil society, and improve alliances with national and international organisations on drug policy.  CUPIDH aims to place harm reduction and human rights at the foundation of the debate on drug policy in Mexico.


Intercambios is an Argentinean organisation with a mission is to study and call attention to problems related to drug use. It is a founding member of the Latin American Harm Reduction Network (Red Latinoamericana de Reducción de Daños) and the Argentine Harm Reduction Network (Red Argentina de Reducción de Daños).

Viva Rio

Viva Rio is a non-governmental organization based in Rio de Janeiro. Its main goal is to promote a culture of peace and social development through field work, research and the formulation of public policies.

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North America

Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy (CFDP)

CFDP is an independent forum of drug policy specialists who are interested in exchange of views on possibilities of making Canadian drug laws and policies more effective and humane.

Drug Policy Alliance (DPA)

DPA is a leading organisation in the USA promoting new drug policies based on science, compassion, health and human rights and a just society in which the fears, prejudices and punitive prohibitions of today are no more.

Harm Reduction Coalition

The Harm Reduction Coalition (HRC) is a US-based national advocacy and capacity-building organization that promotes the health and dignity of individuals and communities impacted by drug use. HRC advances policies and programs that help people address the adverse effects of drug use including overdose, HIV, hepatitis C, addiction, and incarceration.

Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)

IPS is one of the USA’s leading progressive, multi-issue, analysis and advocacy organization.  IPS scholars have crafted policies to help those in society with the least power and to give their advocates the intellectual ammunition to make changes in public policy consistent with the values of demilitarization, social justice, economic, racial and gender equality, environmental sustainability, and democratic participation. 

Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

WOLA promotes human rights, democracy and social and economic justice in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Sub-Saharan Africa

IDPC is currently seeking to expand membership into this region.

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Middle East / North Africa

National Rehabilitation Centre (NRC)

The NRC is a regional centre of expertise in areas of treatment and rehabilitation, prevention, research and surveillance, training and human capacity building, advocacy and policy development in the Middle East/North Africa region.