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12D is a coalition of civil society organizations and representatives who share a common vision regarding harm reduction and drug use in Thailand and contribute a common mission of promoting sustainable harm reduction policies and quality health and social care services to meet the needs of people who use drugs in Thailand. 12D was established as an informal advocacy coalition of like-minded civil society representatives in 2008 to address key gaps in HIV and drug-related services and policies through an effective coordination mechanism. Working with all relevant civil society organizations involved in harm reduction in Thailand, 12D represents an ideal vehicle for broad and sustainable advocacy towards the empowerment, engagement and support of civil society in the national response to drug-related issues. The range of civil society organizations that make up 12D have channelled their efforts through the coalition in 2008 to create a various platforms in and around the UNAIDS Program Coordinating Board meeting in Chiang Mai to highlight the emerging war on drugs. In 2009, 12D was a focal mechanism for advocacy around the inclusion of methadone in the National Health Scheme. 12D has provided an effective mechanism for the consistent coordination and convergence of a diversity of points of views towards meeting common advocacy objectives. The partnerships that have sustained 12D up until today have been grounded in open dialogue and consultation towards the empowerment of civil society and the community of people who use drugs in Thailand.

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27 November 2012
THAILAND: Question marks over new approach to drug-users

THAILAND: Question marks over new approach to drug-users

In 2011, the government of Thailand moved to try and decrease the number of drug-users by 80 percent by adopting a more “softly, softly” approach. According to the treatment division at the Thai government's ONCB, half a million drug-users registered for rehabilitation in the past year.
28 September 2012

Amidst deep concern for Thailand's drug policies, some space for open debate

On Monday 17th September, 2012, IDPC together with the Transnational Institute (TNI) held a high-level seminar in Bangkok co-hosted with the Thai Ministry of Justice Rights and Liberties Protection Department to discuss and review effective legal frameworks for managing drug-related problems.