La Conferenza tratta del tema della riforma delle politiche di droghe secondo la perspettiva delle regioni dove le misure innovatrici in questa direzione hanno iniziato a multiplicarsi nel corso degli ultimi anni. Per altre informazioni in inglese, vi preghiamo di leggere le informazioni successive.

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The production and use of drugs is a complex phenomenon, with multiple manifestations according to the historical moment, cultural environment, economic model, the particular circumstances of a country, the different significances assigned by subjects, as well as the actual differences between substances.  Nevertheless, it is reduced and homogenized as the “drug problem”, as if it was a uniform, unhistorical phenomenon.

In the last hundred years this issue has become a “social matter”, and with the aid of different social actors, including the State, it has been constructed as a social problem.

The drug control policies express tensions, contradictions, and conflicts about the way to regulate consumption and production. Within this framework, local and international debates on drug policy are developing.

In the Latin American context -characterized by enormous social inequality, income disparity, and poverty – these debates cannot ignore the consequences that the drug control policies have produced in the region: social isolation, a disproportionate incarceration of drug users and small dealers or “mules”, social violence, environmental damage, and violations of basic human rights.

In this edition, the 6th Latin American and 1st Caribbean Conference on Drug Policyaims to be a platform for discussion and elaboration of solution-oriented proposals. 

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