The terms of six members of the International Narcotics Control Board, comprised of 13 members, will end on 1 March 2015. Their positions on the Board will be up for election this year and the deadline for submitting candidates is now closed.

Three of the six members whose terms are ending in 2015 have been nominated for another term:

  1. Galina Aleksandrovka Korchagina - Russia
  2. Rajat Ray – India (nominated by the World Health Organisation)
  3. Francisco Thoumi - Colombia

It is not yet known whether the other three of the six members have been nominated for another term:

  1. Marc Moinard - France
  2. Lochan Naidoo - South Africa
  3. Viroj Sumyai - Thailand

It is understood that Nigeria has nominated Professor Isidore Obot and the African Union has nominated a candidate from Cameroon. Other new candidates that have been nominated to fill one of the six positions on the Board are: Pavel Bem from the Czech Republic, and Jallal Taoufiq from Morocco.

The professional biographies of each of the members of the Board can be found here.

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