Despite mixed results, the UNGASS 2016 was a galvanising moment that fostered the emergence of a broader and stronger coalition for drug policy reform. This series of webinars, in English, Spanish and French, assess the achievements and shortcomings of civil society engagement with the UNGASS process, setting the basis for an interactive discussion on the implementation of the Outcome Document and on the ways forward in the run-up to 2019.

After UNGASS: Civil society engagement and next steps

19 October 2016 (14:00-15:00 GMT+1)

Presenters: Jamie Bridge (Senior Policy and Operations Manager, IDPC), Heather Haase (New York Consultant, IDPC) and Ricky Gunawan (Director, LBH Masyarakat).

Después de la UNGASS: Participación de la sociedad civil y próximos pasos

26 October 2016 (16:00-17:00 GMT+1)
Presentan: Marie Nougier (Responsable de Políticas y Comunicaciones, IDPC), Ernesto Cortés (Director, ACEID), Pablo Cymerman (Coordinador de Relaciones Institucionales, Intercambios) y Rafael Torruela (Director Ejecutivo, Intercambios Puerto Rico).

Après l'UNGASS: participation de la société civile et options pour le futur

20 October 2016 (15:00-16:00 GMT+1)
Présentateurs: Marie Nougier (Senior Policy and Communications Officer, IDPC), Nathalie Rose (Chargée de plaidoyer, PILS - Prévention information et Lutte contre le SIDA), Laurène Collard (Chargée de projets, Fédération Addiction) et Nicolas Denis (Chargé de plaidoyer international, AIDES).