• Alison Holcomb - IDPC Board member - Chair

    Alison Holcomb is CEO of Action Now Initiative, a legislative advocacy organization currently focused on criminal justice reform, retirement security, and childhood obesity at the local, state, and national levels in the U.S. Prior to joining ANI, Alison was the director of the ACLU's nationwide Campaign for Smart Justice to reverse the country's exploding incarceration rates.

  • Donald MacPherson - IDPC Board member - Vice Chair

    Donald MacPherson is the Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition and  one of Canada’s leading figures in drug policy. He advocates policies based on principles of public health, human rights, social inclusion, and scientific evidence and moving away from a criminal justice paradigm where people with health problems are criminalised.

  • Julita Lemgruber - IDPC Board member


    Julita Lemgruber is a Brazilian sociologist who has held different positions in public service. Among these she has been the General Director of the Prison System and the Police Ombudsman, both in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and a member of the National Council for Criminal and Penitentiary Policy in the federal government. Ms. Lemgruber is presently the Coordinator of the Center for Studies on Public Security and Citizenship at University Cândido Mendes.

  • Kathryn Leafe - IDPC Board member

    Kathryn has extensive experience in health and criminal justice, including the early development of UK prison drug treatment, and community criminal justice based interventions. She has co-authored a number of programmes and practice guides including those for HM Prison Service (UK) and Best Practice Guide to providing Drug Services in Prison (UNODC). She has been a social work and business studies lecturer and a consultant and trainer for EU and UNODC programmes across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Kathryn was appointed Chief Executive of CareNZ in 2013.

  • Valentin Simionov - IDPC Board member

    Valentin Simionov is the executive director of the Romanian Harm Reduction Network. He entered the harm reduction field in 2004, as an outreach worker. He studied philosophy and social work. Starting in March 2014, he has been part of the IDPC Board and the Members’ Advisory Council.

  • Vicki Hanson - IDPC Board member

    Vicki Hanson is a member of the Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Taskforce (CCMRT), and a Committee Member of Ganja (Future) Growers & Producers Association. Vicki is the Secretary of the St. Catherine Ganja Growers and Producers Association. Vicki Hanson is also a PhD Candidate in Public Policy at the Department of Government, University of the West Indies (Mona). Her research work is aimed at exploring the public policy issues to be resolved in establishing a legally regulated cannabis (ganja) industry in the Caribbean, using Jamaica as the case study.

  • Rupert Markland - IDPC Board Member

    Rupert Markland is Managing Director of Rutherglen Consulting Limited and a Chartered Accountant. He has an extensive range of management consulting experience across several businesses including consumer goods, travel and business services. Most recently he has specialised in developing growth strategies in the international education sector.