By The New School

The war on drugs in Brazil has been a long-time issue, which consequences are severe for the population in the favelas and for policemen. As reported by the National Justice Council (CNJ), one in four prisoners were convicted of drug theft or trafficking and, besides imprisonment, the policy of drug repression also generates deaths. Each day, 154 people die, on average, victims of homicide in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Violence Map. Bolsonaro promises to take action against drugs more severely and give a “license to kill” for the policeman in Favelas. Therefore the expectation is for the situation to get worse under his government. The Reconvexo Collective invites you to an evening of movie exhibitions and a roundtable to discuss the consequences of the war on drugs in Brazil for the lives of the black population, for human rights and for democracy.


  • An apology to elephants
  • Relatos do front
  • Estado de proibição

Round table with:

  • Raull Santiago
  • Luciana Zaffalon
  • Cristiano Maronna
  • Vera da Ros
  • Gabriel Franco

Mediator: Anna Parisi