Se ha creado una petición para protestar contra las inminentes consecuencias negativas que tendrán en el acceso a los servicios los recortes. Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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A petition calling for the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to provide funding and continuing the harm reduction programs in Macedonia is requesting signatures! 
Further survival of harm reduction programs and HIV prevention is uncertain. The current financial support of the Republic of Macedonia from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria ends in June 2017, which will result with over 10,000 people who use drugs as well as their family members without proper social and health care.

Thanks to harm reduction programs, only two new HIV cases have been recorded in Macedonia in the last ten years as a result of drugs injecting, and less than 5% of 315 registered cases of HIV were people who inject drugs. These figures are far smaller than the neighboring countries. Macedonia can boast with the lowest HIV rate in Southeast Europe, but if these programs are not implemented, there is a risk of HIV epidemics as a result of interaction with the epidemics in neighboring countries and the possibility of increasing risk behaviors.

There are 17 harm reduction programs in Macedonia (4 in Skopje and one program in 13 different cities). These programs are efficient and financially worthwhile. Therefore, we (the signatories of this petition) are looking from the Ministry of Health and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, to:

  •  Adopt an urgent solution for using funds from the HIV program and the remaining funds from the Global Fund for key programs across the country, which will ensure continued assistance to citizens and the prevention of HIV.
  •  Establish cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the civil society and other stakeholders for adoption of appropriate laws or by-laws and measures that will  guarantee transparency, adequate expertise and long-term sustainability and development of HIV prevention programs.