La estrategia de intervención sobre uso de drogas se lleva adelante en conjunto con Intercambios e incluye acciones de promoción, formación y atención a usuarios de drogas, tanto a nivel individual como institucional y territorial.Más información, en inglés, está disponible abajo.

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"No te sientas zarpado. Hablemos de drogas". This is the name of the space at the La Salle School of González Catán (Buenos Aires province) to provide counseling on drug-related issues from the perspective of young people. The intervention strategy on drug use is carried out together with Intercambios and includes disclosure, training, and care of drug users both at the individual, institutional and community levels.

With the aim of approaching to drug use in the school, since August 2011 a joint team composed by Intercambios and the La Salle School /Armstrong Foundation (González Catán, Buenos Aires Province) has been developing several actions.

In April, a survey was conducted in order to draw a profile of institutions and teams working in the community, considering their views on youth problems and in particular on drug use problems. A total of ten organizations participated and the results were presented in May.

The intervention strategy on drug use includes disclosure, training, and care of drug users, both at the individual, collective/ institutional and community levels. No Te Sientas Zarpado. Hablemos de drogas (Stop living on the edge. Let´s talk about drugs), was established as a place where, through an attitude of listening and from the perspective of young people themselves, dialogue on drugs is enabled at different levels, promoting the strengthening of confident networks.

Professionals from the Intervention Area of Intercambios, work with the team of Lila Solano, Damián Fernández Courel and Gastón Núñez, along with a larger group that includes psychologists, social workers, tutors / operators and educators of the La Salle school, also people from the headquarters of the Envión Program that works in the foundation, and, from the Youth House.

For the second half of the year, we are planning promotional activities with young people, with the intention of providing different routes of access to specific information on the subject, approaching to individual situations in which there is already a problematic use. The second meeting in the neighborhood with the organizations that participated in the survey and some others is also being organized, to advance on sensitization and discussion of the drug issue.

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