"Fix rooms" for drug addicts would bring so many benefits it would be ridiculous not to have them in the UK, a homeless charity has said.

Lindsay Cordery-Bruce, chief executive of Welsh charity The Wallich, said supervising substance use at medical-grade facilities would cut drug deaths. She said the biggest challenge was legislation and policy.

But a woman whose daughter was addicted to heroin said such facilities could entice addicts to continue using.

Drug consumption rooms allow users to take illegal substances under supervision in a clinical setting.But a range of offences could be committed in running such a facility, such as possession of a controlled drug and encouraging or assisting the possession and supply of controlled drugs. The Home Office said there was "no legal framework for the provision of drug consumption rooms in the UK" and it had "no plans to introduce them".

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones supports the idea of fix rooms and wants to hold a pilot project to look into the idea.